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Hope for Kids Project since 2013

Updated: Jan 31

Basic education is a human right and the foundation of every community. It is my vision that all children in the Philippines have the chance to be educated—not only academically, but also to develop personally and learn how to share and sustain happiness. The goal is to give hope back to children who have fewer opportunities to develop as independent, intelligent, and healthy individuals.

A Dream that started in 2013 🦄

I want to start this 2023 with reminiscing back on one of my most heart-felts projects. This is a project that was initiated in the year 2013, marking our inaugural organized effort. It proved to be a tremendous success, with approximately 50 children, some accompanied by their mothers, participating in a day filled with activities in math, English, and art. During this event, we seized the opportunity to learn from the children, delving into their aspirations. What did they hope to become? This exploration ignited the spark for the project's further development.

Sparking Inspiration & Hope

The children exhibited unprecedented joy and motivation; they had never been happier. Brimming with energy and excitement, they eagerly requested more activities, reluctant to leave even as the day concluded. A significant societal gap exists, characterized by distorted perspectives on money, education, and aspirations. It is imperative that we initiate change, one step at a time.

Would you like to help? 🌈🚀💖

Join me in bringing smiles to a group of children who deserve it the most. Everything I do, I do it transparently. Please contact me if you have more questions or simply click the button below and it will lead you to Style Tourista's PayPal account. Please don't forget to place in your contact details so I can reach out to you the next charitable acts. Thank you so much!

With ♥,

Mimi / Style Tourista

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