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Style Tourista featured in Roots and Wings

"I can't believe I created a book. It was just an accidental obsession mixed with the intense energy I had after having given birth. I am just grateful for this incredible opportunity and the chance to share my journey and creative aspirations with a wider audience."

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A Mini Getaway in Malta - our very first Malta Holidays pocket book/journal.

I am just thrilled beyond words to see Style Tourista being featured in the Roots & Wings Magazine in Europe! 🌟 Grateful for this incredible opportunity and the chance to share my journey with a wider audience.

What is the Roots & Wings Magazine all about? 📰

Roots & Wings Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to connecting Euro-Filipino migrant communities while celebrating Filipino art, culture, and lifestyle. Established in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2009, the magazine is currently published from St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Since its transition to an online format in January 2012, Roots & Wings has expanded its global reach, offering insights into the vibrant Filipino-European experience. The magazine is driven by the passion of Filipino-Europeans scattered across the continent, all contributing on a voluntary basis.

In essence, Roots & Wings is a heartfelt endeavor—a labor of love initiated by Filipinos residing in Europe, united by their love for the Philippines. Together, they strive to provide a voice and platform, showcasing the best of the Philippines and Filipinos in Europe.

In short, Roots & Wings is a labor of love, created by a group of Filipinos who love the Philippines, who live in Europe, and who share a goal to give the Philippines and Filipinos in Europe a voice and a platform to show the best of what we have.

I am excited to showcase you my featured article below or you can check the original write-up and the rest of the magazine here.

The Birth of my Dream, hence the insanity 🦄

I still can’t believe all that has been done in the past 7 months since giving birth to my beautiful baby and still being able to be creative, even creating this insane book! 📖 Despite being in a new mom with barely any support around 👩‍👧‍👦 and in the midst of planning our wedding this May 2024, I can only look back and be proud of both my partner and I for all that we've accomplished. It’s absolutely crazy the energy that passion can give you (happily doing late nights and almost 24-hour shifts) 🥰 #MamaEmpowerment or should I say #CoupleEmpowerment ? Either ways, it showed me that when there's a will, there is always a way. Never thought that one day I would create and, even more so, sell a single book. Still on cloud 9. ☁️

Special thanks to the wonderful @ovfabpinay for writing this article and featuring my journey in @raw.mags ✍🏻 Cheers to more exciting milestones ahead! 🥂📰

With ♥,

Mimi / Style Tourista

Mimi, Style Tourista, Mimi Ciccone, Style Tourista main character

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