Best of Anton Bruhin's Art in Canton Uri Museum "Haus für Kunst"

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

5 interesting facts about Canton Uri, Switzerland

  • Canton Uri was the birthplace of William Tell (A folk hero of Switzerland).

  • 286 motor-boats are registered in the Canton of Uri.

  • The highest point of the Urner Alps is the Dammastock (11,909 feet / 3,630 meters)

  • The name Uri is probably derived from aurochs (Germanauerochs,“wild ox”), a bull’s head having been borne traditionally as the arms of the region.This is why you notice this on its official cantonal flag.

  • Tourism is aided by excellent roads leading to mountain passes giving access to adjacent cantons.

Anton Bruhin in Uri

We have found a hidden gem of a museum, ‘Haus für Kunst’, in canton Uri. I have embasked myself in Anton Bruhin’s art - actually an artist I have just discovered of whom is now one of my swiss favourites. Let me show you what I mean.

picture museum haus für kunst uri switzerland tourism
Photo of Museum Haus für Kunst in Canton Uri

His work displayed in the art museum of the canton/state of Uri is called ‘Ursache’, which basically means ‘the root cause’. Anton Burin’s gallery runs from July 8. Juli until August 16, 2020. Don’t miss these dates.

anton bruhin artworks photo
Anton Bruhin's playful faces

Anton Bruhins' works reveals masks of different sets of emotions: mostly happy and humorous. Basically reflections of different personalities placed in a contemporary light. May I just add that I’m happy to have a partner that enjoys art almost as I do.

anton bruhin artworks picture
Even your boyfriend can appreciate such artistic forms.

My love for art and my persistent curiosity stemmed out from the influence of my father, who is a lover of history and is the most curious man I know - so curious that he had to see every corner of the world himself. He also has a love for masks and collects them from tribes in Africa to tribes in Papua New Guinea. By the way this was our little fathers day program. Our bonding time almost always consisting of exploration, history and adventure. My style!

artworks of anton bruhin photo
This was a great father's day activity

‘Dämonen’ or ‘the Demons’

Demons are mutable, their existence dependent on what we perceive them to be, basically. This series of 170-odd pictures by Swiss artist Anton Bruhin, is wholly dependent on what the eye sees in them. A playful and mischievous presentation of evil and child play.

anton bruhin self portraits paintings photo
Seems like a self-portrait of Anton Bruhin

Self portrait?

Born in 1949 in Lachen, an artist’s artist and underground hero of the Zürich avant-garde scene, Bruhin started his career in the 1960s by creating happenings and performances, self-publishing books and experimenting with concrete poetry and sound. After all, he is a musical artist. He has around a hundred works, mostly drawings, paintings and mosaics, ranging from 1975 to the present.

anton bruhin künstler photo artwork
A beautiful gallery with good spacing and nice view.

Look out the window and you’ll see this masterpiece of a wooden structure outside. His works are not to miss if you like contemporary. Do visit the museum if you have a chance!

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