Earrings: an Encyclopaedia of the different types.

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Jewelry have always been a girls best friend for centuries, and it comes in all forms. There are countless types of earrings out there from hoops to tassel to studs and much more! Explore with us the different terms below..

Chandelier Earrings – Almost like a tassels, our chandelier pieces are more extravagant. Taken from the name of the chandelier lights. Find a pair of these dangly little ornaments that will surely add to your shine!

Clip-on Earrings – No piercing? No problemo! Snap these classy pieces on, check out our wide range of style on our Clip-on Earrings collection. These used to be the trend of the past as women did not pierce their ears, now it’s becoming very common again.

Colorful Earrings – Mix and match these colorful earrings which will surely grab everyone’s attention. Queens live like that so head on and check out our collection of Colorful Earrings.

Cute Earrings – Adorable queens surely need a pair of Cute Earrings, they can’t go out of any styles.

Dangle Earrings – These earrings can change any look dramatically and will make the queen’s red carpet always ready. Head on to our list of Dangle Earrings and choose the best fit for any of your outfits.

Designer Earrings – Queens must own a pair of unique earrings to be first in trend, choose from our selection of exclusive Designer Earrings. 

Diamond Earrings – Truly a queen’s best friend! Choose a pair from our collection of Diamond Earrings to stand out and shine brighter!

Drop Earrings – Refresh any look with these versatile drop earrings. They’ll surely make a queen even more beautiful either with hair tied up or pulled down. Check out the designs on our wide selection of Drop Earrings.

Hoop Earrings – Queens are always empowering. Accessorize any diva-like outfit with our set of hoop earrings available in various sizes and colors. Just put em’ on and you are ready to go!

Nature Earrings – Think like and care like a real queen – think sustainably and refresh your look with our collection of Nature-inspired jewelry.

Beaded Earrings – Adorn your ears and make sure everyone’s heads turn to the queen with these artistic pieces.

Wooden Earrings – Pair any casual style from our selection of Wooden Earrings and you’ll surely be a show-stopper queen at any event. Our sustainable wooden pieces are hand-crafted and sourced locally.

Shell Earrings – Accent your style with these playful Shell Earrings. They are designed to celebrate the culture of an island queen – exactly the heart material of the thousand islands of the Philippines. 

Statement Earrings – Make a statement with our royal collection of Statement designs. See our variety of designs that can be dressed up or down for every occasion.

Stud Earrings – A basic piece that every gal needs (at least) one pair of studs in her jewelry box. This is the to-go-to quick look that matches with almost anything you are wearing.

Tassel Earrings – Queens can also be cheerful and playful. Add a pop of color from our set of Tassel Earrings and you are ready to go! Tassels are decorative items that can be found in furniture, interior design, towels, curtains and more.


Gifts – Don’t know exactly what to gift your friend yet? Looking for something unique, sustainable and does good charity projects? Well, look no further! Check out these gifts that we here had prepared, specially tailored to symbolize a queen’s generosity & spark curiosity.

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Our products are made with a variety of metals, stones and other natural elements. Upcycled and created using local components. Most of our earrings are designed in Zürich by Style Tourista herself and carefully hand-made with love in the Philippines. Each product has a list on the description of what specific materials are used. The hand-crafters are mostly skilled women that need help from our family’s province – Borbon, Philippines. Poverty is persistent there, and it has come of utmost importance to help the people in these communities. For every product you purchased, you support the women with more jobs and we do projects for the children in their community (see our Charity Page for more information).


Jewelry has been in our lives for as long as cavemen knew how to build weapons and make ornaments. Women have been bejewelled for ages from all over the world. If you would like to know more, click here to watch a video on earrings in the past 100 years.


Easy to carry, unlimited looks to mix and match. I mean, who needs to bring crazy amount of clothes, when you can just accessorise your look! When buying a set of earrings from Style Tourista, you will receive our light travel box that you can easily store your pieces in so it won’t get compressed on upon packing. 


A lady with great taste, should own more than 1 pair of earrings. Each pair of Earrings ornaments not only the face, but the clothes and the entire aura of that moment. Even if using the same white boring t-shirt, you can change your look in an instant with a quick switch of earring types – from looking innocent and elegant to looking like a wild rockstar.

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